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PRINT 5 - movements such as marching slidding jumping etc...

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Beat Show Down! 1. Objective a. Kindergarten b. Using song to understand beat though movement c. Students will learn what a beat is by listening to music and mimicking the beat of the song through movement d. The students will know approximately 90% of the material by the end of the lesson 2. Grade Level a. Kindergarten 3. Maryland State Standard Indicator 3. Respond to music through movement Objectives 1. Demonstrate understanding of personal space while moving to music 2. Explore and recognize steady beat through locomotor and non- locomotor movement 4. Classroom Activities a. Write on the board and explain what a beat is. b. Play a short clip of a song and ask if anyone can clap the beat c. Show students what the beat was in the short clip and clap the beat all together. d. e. Explain to whole class the goal of each group: i. Standing group: stands and imitates the beat using
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Unformatted text preview: movements such as marching, slidding, jumping, etc. ii. Sitting group: sits in chair and imitates the beat by clapping, stomping, swaying, etc. f. One teacher will lead sitters and one will lead standers in imitating the beat of a short song. g. Teachers will pick a student who displays beat understanding to pick a movement and be the leader of their group through the second round of the short song. h. Sitters will then become standers and visa versa. i. Group leaders will be selected by the former leader and activity will continue. 5. Required Materials a. Chalk board & chalk b. Songs with a distinct beat. 6. Assessment a. Students will be assessed on their ability to imitate the beat of the songs. This will be done while students are split into groups and are being led by their peer leaders....
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PRINT 5 - movements such as marching slidding jumping etc...

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