historyfinalsheet2 - 2. Themes a) power fam/friends:...

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2. Themes a) power fam/friends: essential to survival, even when they are gone, the need to live for them and keep promises led to survival 1. Gerda Klein—father made her bring winter boots and coat, after she is sad that Arthur leaves dad makes her promise she will survive and to never think the terrible thoughts of suicide, this will to keep her promise made her prevail, mothers last words “be strong!”, gerda says “now I have to live bc I am alone and nothing can hurt me anymore”, close friend Ilse also keeps her going when fam is gone 2. The Promise-Libby Stern (Flares)—marched to vast field in Transnistria left to die, father died, mother was ill and says “My child you must promise me something. You must run away from here. You must promise, so I can die in peace knowing that you will survive” had to keep promise, power of fam made her survive, dream of mother waking her helped her not freeze to death, nice old lady saved her 3. Dream of Milk-Ilona Weiss (Flares)—Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, lice, fever, typhus, dead everywhere, nursed sister back to health, got sick, dream of dad bringing her warm milk and begging her to drink it, next day felt better, no fever, both sisters lived 4. The psychologist-Violet Weinberger (Flares)—mom would say things to encourage sisters like after we get home ill cook and bake for you, we will go to America, don’t give up, mom died but 4 sisters lived bc of their mothers hope
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historyfinalsheet2 - 2. Themes a) power fam/friends:...

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