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Chapter 7: Religion and Everyday Life 1) Mention any three of the six attributes of popular Catholicism mentioned by Sanabria in the textbook and provide one example of each. 2) Discuss and provide examples of three reasons that explain how Catholicism became entrenched so quickly after the Conquest. 3) Explain the relationship between the Virgin Mary, the Devil, and gender, and briefly discuss one example of each. 4) What are two characteristics of Todos Santos and why is this ritual celebration important (that is, what do people try to accomplish by celebrating this ritual). 5) What are at least two reasons for the spread of Protestantism. Briefly discuss one example from Mexico and Highland Ecuador. 6) Discuss three major characteristics of Afro-Latin religious systems and briefly provide and discuss an example of each. Chapter 8: Striving for Health and Coping With Illness 1) Discuss how is HIV/AIDS related to poverty and inequality. Discuss one specific example from Brazil and one from Haiti. 2) Explain the critical or political-economy approach to health, and discuss any two specific
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