AnthofLAlecture3 - Urban Rural/Peasant “Primitive”...

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WHY ANTHROPOLOGY AND LATIN AMERICA? 1) Some Reasons for Studying the Anthropology of Latin America a) Demographic b) Cultural c) Economic d) Geo-Political e) Transnationalism Intertwining of Historical Destinies 2) Development of theory & method in cultural anthropology: Robert Redfield in Yucatán, Mexico a) First U.S. cultural “anthropologist” to carry out fieldwork in Latin America b) Interested in contrast between “modern,” “urban” society ↔ “folk,” rural, or “peasant” society c) Influenced by Durkheim (“mechanical” vs. “organic” solidarity) d) Redfield’s Urban ↔ Folk Continuum Research Sites in Yucatan City …….…. Town …….…. Village ………. .. Tribal Village (Mérida) (Dzitas) (Chan Kom) (Tusik)
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Unformatted text preview: Urban Rural/Peasant “Primitive” Modern Less Modern Not al all modern Spanish Mixed Spanish/Indian Only “Indian” Research Sites City …….… Town …. .…. Village ………. . Tribal Village (Mérida) (Dzitas) (Chan Kom) (Tusik) Cultural Correlates More ------------------------------------------------- > Less Dysfunctional Spanish Utilitarian Crime Divorce Delinquency Secular Individualism Modern 3) Redfield’s Legacy a) Influenced an entire generation of anthropologists b) Advocated comparative field research c) Advocated study of local communities beyond their boundaries d) Spurred research on migration e) Made a call for research on social/cultural change f) First to focus on “peasants”...
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AnthofLAlecture3 - Urban Rural/Peasant “Primitive”...

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