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CulturesofPacificPracticeExam1 - CULTURES OF THE PACIFIC...

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CULTURES OF THE PACIFIC DR. RICHARD SCAGLION ANTHOPOLOGY 1786 PRACTICE EXAM Practice Exam 1 Part 1: Multiple Choice. Mark your answers on the computer answer sheet. Be sure to select the best answer. Also, please write your recitation, day, time, and the name of your recitation instructor on the computer answer sheet. [70 points] 1. The movie The Navigators explained that coconut, taro, and breadfruit are: A. native to all of the islands of the Pacific B. important parts of most Pacific islanders’ diets C. collected only by women D. native to South America E. brought to the Pacific by European explorers 2. Coral atolls are most common in: 3. Margaret Mead went to Samoa at the age of 23 to study: A. how canoes relate to geography B. the impact of different variables on a developing human being at the age of puberty C. how diet is responsible for obesity D. how mass media like television affects our maturation E. conflict and violence between rival tribes of headhunters 4. The first European to note cultural similarities between peoples on different Pacific islands was: 5. A ramage is:
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6. The author of Hawai’i and Tales of the South Pacific is: A. Somerset Maughan B. Herman Melville C. James A. Michener D. Robert Louis Stevenson E. Rupert Brook 7. If I lived in Tonga, my society would most likely have: 8. Which of the following were settled first by Polynesians, before anyone else arrived?
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