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Cultures of the Pacific Dr. Richard Scaglion Anthropology 1786 Practice Exam Practice Exam No. 2 Part 1: Multiple Choice. Choose the best answer. Mark your answers on the computer answer sheet. Also, please write your recitation, day, time and the name of your instructor on the computer answer sheet. [70 points] 1. Yibihilu is: A. The Big Man of the village. B. The name of the current Gebusi time cycle. C. The name of the area the Gebusi lived in during Knauft’s first fieldwork. D. A common type of sleeping sickness. E. A man who was killed after being accused of killing other Gebusi by sorcery. 2. Which of the following anthropologists is seen as the founder of "functional analysis"? A. Freeman B. Bateson C. Knauft D. Anne Chambers E. Malinowski 3. When Knauft returns in 1998 he describes a huge festival consisting of sports competitions and “drama skits”. This festival was for A. a marriage ceremony. B. a baptism. C. Independence Day. D. Knauft’s Birthday Party. E. the building of a new church. 4. The majority of the Austronesian population of Melanesia lives: A. In the northern mountain range of Papua New Guinea near the Abelam. B. Concentrated solely in the capital of Port Moresby. C. Along rivers in the central mountain chain in New Guinea's interior. D. In the swamp around the Fly River. E. Along the coasts or in Island Melanesia. 5. In the film First Contact , the Leahy brothers were: A. Fundamentalist missionaries.
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B. Australian territorial administrators. C. Medical officers. D. Military officers. E. Gold prospectors. 6. What does Dugawe’s story tell us about traditional Gebusi and their beliefs in sorcery? A. The Gebusi believe all deaths are a result of sorcery. B. There is virtually no objective evidence that the Gebusi actually practice sorcery but they firmly believe in its existence. C. Male spirit mediums play a key role in Gebusi sorcery accusations. D. After sorcery inquests are completed, social relations are often re-established between families involved. E. All of the above are true. 7. Adameni is A. the Gebusi word for spirit woman. B. a love potion. C. a ritual involving birds of paradise. D. the local term for currency. E. a tree that is harvested for its fruit. 8. The Hagen (or Melpa) people, represented in the film Ongka's Big Moka , live in: A. The Trobriand Islands. B. The Solomon Islands. C. Northeast coast of Australia. D. South Coast Papua New Guinea. E. The Central Highlands of Papua New Guinea. 9. In the movie Ongka’s Big Moka , the term moka refers to ________ A. a coffee beverage with cream, sugar and chocolate powder. B. a new cash crop in which Ongka has a controlling interest. C. A political title which Ongka receives with help from anthropologist Andrew Strathern. D.
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CulturesofPacificPracticeExam2 - Cultures of the Pacific...

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