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DEPARTMENT OF ANTHROPOLOGY DR. RICHARD SCAGLION ANTHROPOLOGY 1786 CULTURES OF THE PACIFIC PRACTICE EXAM 3 Part I. Multiple Choice. Mark your response on the computer answer sheet. Be sure to select the BEST answer. Also write your recitation day, time, and the name of your instructor on your computer answer sheet. (70 points) 1. Martha Ward didn't want to accept the title bestowed upon her because: A. She didn't want to live on the side of the island on which the title originated. B. She knew it would incur a financial obligation she was not prepared to meet. C. She knew that if she accepted it, she could not return to the United States. D. It was beneath her actual status. E. She was pregnant. 2. When an infant in Nest in the Wind was diagnosed with a curable birth defect by western doctors, the family delayed surgery because: A. The mother didn't want the child because she already had too many children. B. They thought it must be God's will. C. They were fearful of invasive surgery techniques. D. They assumed it would die anyway and didn't want to pay for the operation. E. The illness was seen as a symptom of problems that first had to be resolved. 3. In Nest in the Wind , if a man and a woman were alone together, it was assumed that A. They were drinking kava. B. The dogs would bark loudly. C. They were having sex. D. This was nothing particularly to be guarded against. E. They were in the same clan. 4. JACADS refers to an American facility located on Johnston Atoll that used the island as a site for A. Displaced peoples from other islands in the Pacific. B. Experimental development plans such as the implementation of the water seal toilet in the Pacific. C. Depositing excess trash generated by the tourist industry in Hawai'i. D. Destroying nerve and mustard gas left over from the Cold War. E. Docking American tuna boats that are fishing in Pacific waters. 5. On the island of Yap, money traditionally takes the form of A. Pigs. B. Necklaces made out of human teeth. C. Immense stone coins.
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D. Bronze axes. E. Conch shells. 6. Although they seem to be independent, the Federated States of Micronesia and the Marshall Islands are A. In reality puppet governments controlled by Australia. B. Politically unstable and subject to frequent military coups. C. In Free Association agreements with the United States. D. Converting back to colonial control by Japan. E. Economically dependent of German industry and capital investment. 7. Marriage in Pohnpei generally occurs A. Immediately following male initiation ceremonies. B. Before the age of thirteen. C. After a couple has had their first child. D. Only after a prolonged engagement of five years. E. Within a year after a woman's first menstruation. 8.
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CulturesofPacificPracticeExam3 - DEPARTMENT OF ANTHROPOLOGY...

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