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Capstone CheckPoint The importance of the science of Geology to civilization is very important. Geology is what tells the history of land, animals, and plants. It helps keeps us informed on what we should be doing in order to preserve what resources we have available to us. It is great for helping us locate and remove fossil fuels and minerals like oil, iron, coal and aluminum. Geology is also very important when it comes to constructing buildings. Geologists are able to locate any faults that may be present underground where they want to build. This helps determine if they should even build there depending on how active the fault is and if they can build just exactly how to make the buildings safer when being
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Unformatted text preview: build on a fault. Another example as to why Geology is so important is because of sinkholes. These can be very well known in certain areas of the world. Without the science of Geology we would not be able to locate these sinkholes and many highways and homes would be destroyed. Not to mention how many lives would be lost to something like that. I would also like to point out another example that being of the groundwater. Geologist again, helps determine how far wells should be dug to retain the most amount of water without bothering any other natural systems. Many things could go wrong and this could cause problems with our drinking water....
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