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final exam study guide - Terrorism Study Guide Exam 3 1 The...

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Unformatted text preview: Terrorism Study Guide- Exam 3 1. The political nature of terrorism and the political nature of counterterrorism organization and policies • US is most powerful country, and india + china are competitors. A lot of AQ in Pakistan, which is affecting obama’s policy. Wants Pakistan to be more stringent and remove all terrorist places. • Counterterrorism has to fit in 50-100 yrs and basically all countries have to deal with its dynamics • Any strategy has to fit a political strategy; running for election in a democratic country. So your counterterrorism strategy has to get you elected. National security/domestic security counter-terrorism strategy: is a political strategy. *kennedy admin nuclear war brink* • Politics: everyones interested in politics, defender AND attacker 2. Path dependence in organization and policy • When govt or orgs make policy they generally take policies from the past and modify them bc its really hard to come up with something new. Depend on previous path “what we’ve done in the past” • Eg: US invading other countries. US is facing al qaeda now and so they invade Afghanistan and I raq and overthrow governments like we’ve done before in Germany (98 percent german) and japan (99 % Japanese), but very different in I raq bc lots of ethnic differences. • But you cant do the same thing with traditional methods- innovation; depends on how countries look at it. Afraid of changes. How its traditionally done; they follow that. A lot of terrorist groups are resorting to non traditional methods, so hard time for governments to deal with them. 3. How to define strategy 4. Overall premise: hegemonic competition: US goal is to order the world • Leadership and dominance: US is more powerful than any other country. But china and india are competitors. • Debt: US has always had a debt program. US a.k.a hyper power (after ww2), so more countries trying to follow US ideology. Ideology: free markets and democracies. No country is ready to challenge US. 5. US hegemony challenged by non state ctor, with an ideology of its own • AQ network is challenging US, and lots of other countries as well (inc. yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, Algeria, Iraq)… 6. Technological change makes terrorism easier • Technological change associated with globalization, making terrorism easier and easier as time goes on. However, counterterrorism will begin to get better and better. So easier to do terrorism, but harder to get away with it. *CCTV 7. Old style warfare vs. new style warfare (old doesn’t disappear, we just add new types of threats) • US is real good at “fighting like men”. On land and face to face. (traditional warfare) • On the other hand, today’s warfare is: bombs, ex taj mahal hotel. That influences law enforcement....
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final exam study guide - Terrorism Study Guide Exam 3 1 The...

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