3rd exam study guide Fall 2009- Class

3rd exam study guide Fall 2009- Class - ADV 305 Fall 2009...

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ADV 305 Fall 2009 STUDY GUIDE FOR THE 3rd EXAM Exam Review Session: Wednesday, December 2 Exam Date: Friday, December 4 OVERVIEW This exam consists of 40 multiple choice questions, each worth 2.5 points, which all add up to a possible 100 points. The test will cover the materials presented, distributed and discussed in class (including lectures, in-class exercises, screening, today’ ads, and guest presentations) as well as textbook readings. Be sure to review and fully understand the lecture notes. Below are the key concepts/areas you should focus on in studying. Pros and cons of magazine ad - Pros: o Flexibility in readerships and advertising o Color gives readers visual pleasure and color reproduction is best in slick magazines…color enhances images and indentifies the package o Authority and believability enhance the commercial message… TV, radio, and newspapers offer lots of info but lack the depth needed for reader to gain knowledge. . magazines often offer all 3 o Permanence (long shelf life) gives reader time to appraise aids in detail, allowing a more compete education/sales message o Prestige for products advertised in upscale or specialty magazines o Audience selectivity is more efficient in magazines than any other print media except direct mail o (see page 428 for checklist) - Cons o Lack of immediacy that advertisers can get with newspaper or radio o Shallow geographic coverage : don’t offer the national reach of broadcast media o Inability to mass deliver at low price: magazines are costly when trying to reach to mass audiences 1
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ADV 305 Fall 2009 o Inability to deliver high frequency: most magazines come out only monthly or weekly o Heavy advertising competition: the largest circulation magazines have 52% and 48% editorial content Special possibilities with magazines - Bleed pages , where dark or colored background of ad extends to the edge of the page, usually costs 10-15% more, greater flexibility in expressing the advertising creativity, dramatic impact - Cover positions are usually sold at a premium, few publishers sell ads on the front cover. .they do sell the inside front, inside back, and outside back covers (2 nd , 3 rd , and 4 th covers, respectively) - Inserts are ads on special, high quality paper stock inserted into a magazine at a special price- can add weight and drama to the message - Gatefold is an insert whose paper is so wide that the extreme left and right sides have to be folded into the center to match the size of the other pages - Custom magazine: look like regular magazines and often produced by the same companies that publish traditional magazines - Fragrance flip : are a great favorite with perfume advertisers (and Waziha) How magazines are categorized - By content o Consumer : generally purchased for entertainment, info, or both o Farm: directed towards farmers or manufacturers of farm equipment, supplies, and services o Business: target business readers Trade publications for retailers, wholesalers, and other distributor
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3rd exam study guide Fall 2009- Class - ADV 305 Fall 2009...

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