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General Chemistry 001 Lecture DD Course Syllabus for FS 2010 Page 1 of 4 C LASS T IMES AND I NSTRUCTOR C ONTACT I NFORMATION I NSTRUCTOR Dr. T ERRY B ONE 333 Schrenk Hall, ( [email protected] ), (573) 341-4820 Office Hours: Tu-Th 9-10 am (or by appointment) Lectures: M-W-F from 11:00 to 11:50am, G-3 Schrenk Hall RECITATION T.A. Sections D1 – D8: Nicholas Dudenhoffer ( [email protected] ) 335A Schrenk Hall Recitations: Schrenk Hall 305 D1 : Tu 8-8:50am D2 : Tu 9-9:50am D3: Tu 10-10:50am D4 Tu 11-11:50am D5 : Th 8-8:50am D6 : Th 9-9:50am D7: Th 10-10:50am D8 Th 11-11:50am Recitation Quizzes: Sections D1 - D4 : Tu 2-6 pm Sections D5 - D8 : Th 2-6 pm Schrenk Hall G-34 R EQUIRED C OURSE M ATERIALS Textbook: Nivaldo J. Tro, Chemistry: A Molecular Approach 2 nd Edition with Student Access Kit, ISBN 0321706153 ——— The textbook and a Mastering General Chemistry subscription may be acquired separately ——— Calculator: Scientific notation, required . NO equation-solving or graphing calculators , cell phones, smartphones, personal data assistants (PDAs), laptops, etc. are permitted during testing. Clicker: TurningPoint ResponseCard ® XR with LCD display from Turning Technologies . ResponseCards ® without LCD display will not answer ‘fill-in-the-blank’ (i.e., most) questions . You must register your clicker once for EACH SEMESTER AND EACH CLASS on Blackboard. Cellphones: Set to a quiet mode or you may be asked to leave the room. C OURSE I NFORMATION Information is found at , under Course ID: CHEM001: GENERAL CHEMISTRY (LEC DD) FS2010 ) ——————————————— It is important that you visit this webpage regularly! ———————————————— D ISCUSSION B OARD Forums will be available on Blackboard for you to ask about or comment on issues related to this course. Threads will be initiated for every homework problem, practice problem set, and administrative issues. Threads can be initiated regarding other issues by you or your peers in the miscellaneous questions forum. Please participate in this useful way of communicating and learning. W IMBA A Wimba online classroom called CHEMISTRY will be available 6-9pm F & Sa. Please sign in if you are in need of academic assistance. LEAD (L EARNING E NHANCEMENT A CROSS D ISCIPLINES ) LEAD Centers …………. 139 Schrenk Hall……… M,W 7 - 9pm ; Tu,Th 3 – 5pm LEAD Tutoring ………… TBA [All LEAD schedules will be posted at: ] Chemistry LEAD is an excellent opportunity to get a good understanding of chemical principles and concepts, prepare homework assignments, and get in contact with your peers ( and also is FREE tutoring ). During LEAD Centers, a peer LEAD student and also a course instructor will be available to help you learn.
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General Chemistry 001 Lecture DD Course Syllabus for FS 2010 Page 2 of 4 MASTERING CHEMISTRY – ONLINE ASSESMENT SIGNUP YOU MUST PURCHASE A SUBSCRIPTION FOR ONLINE HOMEWORK. The subscription is valid for 2 years, those that have an
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chem1syllabusFS10 - General Chemistry 001 Lecture DD Course...

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