Pope3 - Math 22 Fall 2000 1 Evaluate R Exam 3 Name(please print y sin xy)dA where R =[1,2 x[0 11 2 2 Evaluate sin y)dydx 0x 3 Find the volume of

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Math 22 Exam 3 Name: _________________ Fall 2000 (please print) ∫∫∫ E zdV 1. Evaluate where R = [1,2] x [0, π ] 2. Evaluate 3. Find the volume of the solid bounded by the plane z=0 and the paraboloid z=1-x 2 -y 2 4. Use a double integral to find the area enclosed by the graph of r=cos(2 θ ) 5. Consider a triangular lamina with vertices (0,0), (1,0) and (0,2) and with density function ρ (x,y)=1+3x+y a) Find the mass of the lamina b)find the moment about the x-axis c)find the moment about the y-axis d)find the center of mass
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