bio exam 3 - - Light and temp control night and day plants...

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Unformatted text preview: - Light and temp control night and day plants bio clock controls gene expression, biochemical activities closing of flowers, changes in leaf position plants grow towards the light; phototropism when attacked by insects they release jasmonic acid to signal other plants Protease inhibitors give bugs indigestion-pollen: one cell three nuclei: one goes into tube and directs growth of pollen 2 nuclei: sperm fuses with 2 nuclei of egg and makes triploid endosperm which provides nutrients to cells. Zygote develops into an embryo. 3 parts: seed coat, endosperm, embryo stamen: male part of the plant, carpel female part(stigma, style, ovary Self incompatability: recognizes self tissue. Type 1: rejected on the sigma. Stigma secretes substances that are too similar and is rejected Type 2: stop pollen tube growth in style, secretes RNase to destroy RNA and stops growth Holes in roots to get O2, thick cuticle, epidermis, and recessed stomata. fewer stomata = less water lost Genetic engineering : MOVE genes from one organism to another so that we dont have to use artificial selection and waste time o Agrobacterium infect plants, inserting some of their DNA into the plants genome A.B take some DNA and infect plant cells by inserting some of their DNA into the plant cells, genes of A.B induce plant cells to grow out of control (plant cancer), do this because the A.B live inside the mass of plant cells Gall: growth on plant o Growing VERY rapidly Most growing in US- Why change a plants DNA?Insect resistance, Herbicide resistance, Drought or other stress resistance- Outcomes of GM plants,Dead zone pops up in gulf of mexico every summer, Mississippi river drains huge part of country, chemicals put on crops get washed into Mississippi river and into gulf of Mexico, currents in gulf of Mexico carry chemicals and spread them around, kills all marine organisms- Protostomes...
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bio exam 3 - - Light and temp control night and day plants...

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