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Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement-Gilmartin

Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement-Gilmartin -...

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Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement Lecture/ Class Discussion/ Text Notes Journey through LE New career, happiest moment Enthusiasm, idealism, and motivation Camaraderie, Gadgets (guns) o First Cost , the old friendships, the ones that predate police work o Bonds that may last a lifetime o Old friends lives are boring o Shift hours, new LE friends and Partners o Distance yourself from fringe players in criminal activity Learning to be an officer The culture of the organization, building trust o Also learning from officers with wrecked personal lives p.3 Over time, the job takes on more and more of your time and becomes more than a job, becomes central and defining aspect of the officer’s life. o Live to work or work to live o Demands placed on you by the organization Realization of the food chain Overtime, shift work, court testimony, in-service training, etc... Begin to undergo physical changes o Constant anger, sleep deprivation, poor diet, sedentary personal lifestyle Officer Survival Street survival and officer training are a priority for training, but should not be the only ones We are winning the battle of street survival, but are losing the battle of emotional survival o A suicide committed every 24 hours Police, 22 per 100,000 (F.O.P) National Average, 12 per 100,000 www.badgeoflife.com o Means Social isolation, hopelessness , anger, depression, victim, humiliation or embarrassment What is Actually Taking Place? A matter of perspective o Scout Leader o Wal-Mart 1
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Cynicism; we form our view from the situations and events we see everyday o We see people at their maddest, baddest, and saddest times. Cynicism- especially a general distrust of the integrity or professed motives of others. Being distrustful of human nature and motive keeps cops alive. o Projects negativity into activities and social gatherings outside of the occupation B.S. Ratio- Everything becomes bullshit Political bullshit Administrative bullshit Affirmative action bullshit Management bullshit Union bullshit Touchy-feely bullshit Total bullshit Assholes cause the bullshit Anyone whom is a threat to you is an asshole, or who causes the officer to experience a state of physical uneasiness or discomfort Consequences are felt later in failed love relationships and strained/broken parent-child relations Hypervigilance A physical and psychological elevated state of awareness Ability to receive and interpret information rapidly
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