Event - Kirienko Nadezda ENG 105 Professor Hurtes Final...

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Kirienko Nadezda Kirienko 1 ENG 105 Professor Hurtes Final Draft January 18 th , 2011 A trip to a new life Have you ever had a moment in your life that changed your understanding of the world around you? Do you remember any event that made you feel great and sad at the same time? Have you been in a situation that explained things that before you didn’t realize? Can you think about any story that completely turned your life upside down? At least once in a life everybody experiences one of these feelings. For some people that moment was a great event, for others it might have been a bad situation. However, one thing that connects all of these people is they will never forget these moments. I have two lives. One life was in Russia where I was born and lived before I came to the United States. And the second one is that I have right now in New York. The border between these two lives is the event that will stay in my memory forever. Two years ago, the professor in the college in Russia told me that I had a chance to spend all summer in New York as an exchange student. I thought it was a great idea. However, my parents thought it was too expensive. I made a plan. According to that plan, my parents had to pay the tuition at school and to buy my tickets to New York. I promised them to find a job and to pay for all my needs in USA. At that time I didn’t know what it meant to be on your own. I understood my plan was silly. I didn’t know
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This note was uploaded on 01/24/2011 for the course ENG 105 taught by Professor Hurtes during the Winter '10 term at Berkeley College.

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Event - Kirienko Nadezda ENG 105 Professor Hurtes Final...

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