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outline paper4 - i He only wants to be there for a year ii...

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AIMS + CONCERNS- what are they and then your analysis is whether they are bad or good AIMS- what does he want to do 1. take his conventus: this should be main focus of paper- about one page of the paper a. he is going to be cheap ( not cost town $) b. listening to court cases- those who have grievances c. wants to make tax people happy d. food supply e. keep crime down f. debt alliteration g. LOOK AT NOTES ON GOVERNOR 2. General (WAR!)- big concern a. He is concerned about Parthia and Syria (roman providence)
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Unformatted text preview: i. He only wants to be there for a year ii. But, he is concerned about who takes over for him 3. Naming Successor (interim governor) a. Doesn’t want spendthrifts ( people who spend $) b. Doesn’t want to be nepotism (hooking up people in his family) c. Carspetent • need to withhold the lex provincial • CONCILIUM (have legati, quaestor (financial) and amici (friends) • Has to balance being a judge and governor but very concerned about war...
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