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outline paper4 - i. He only wants to be there for a year...

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AIMS + CONCERNS- what are they and then your analysis is whether they are bad or good AIMS- what does he want to do 1. take his conventus: this should be main focus of paper- about one page of the paper a. he is going to be cheap ( not cost town $) b. listening to court cases- those who have grievances c. wants to make tax people happy d. food supply e. keep crime down f. debt alliteration g. LOOK AT NOTES ON GOVERNOR 2. General (WAR!)- big concern a. He is concerned about Parthia and Syria (roman providence)
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Unformatted text preview: i. He only wants to be there for a year ii. But, he is concerned about who takes over for him 3. Naming Successor (interim governor) a. Doesnt want spendthrifts ( people who spend $) b. Doesnt want to be nepotism (hooking up people in his family) c. Carspetent need to withhold the lex provincial CONCILIUM (have legati, quaestor (financial) and amici (friends) Has to balance being a judge and governor but very concerned about war...
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