Analysis of Hustle and Flow

Analysis of Hustle and Flow - Analysis of Hustle and Flow...

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Analysis of Hustle and Flow Crag Brewer’s independent film entitled “Hustle and Flow” discusses the life of a potential rapper who wants to make his break in the music industry. Djay, the main character thinks that creating songs and lyrics are enough to show his capabilities as a lyricist and composer, but as he goes through the process, he realizes that it is just the beginning of the bigger dilemma. The film emphasizes the culture of rappers in Memphis, Tennessee. These rappers cultivate their idea of Southern Rap. This film also encompasses the capability of media to mold the society by using its function to people’s lives. Therefore, the understanding of Hustle and Flow leads the audience in analyzing the identity and lifestyle of Southern Rap during the period of 2005. According to studies, Southern Rap begins in the southern part of America-- Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Nashville, Atlanta, Memphis, Birmingham, New Orleans, Miami, Orlando, Shreveport, and Baton Rouge. According to Henry Adaso (2009), “Stylistically, southern rap relies on exuberant production and straightforward lyrics. The dirty south form of hip-hop is more distinct for its sound and slang than for lyrical content. In an attempt to capture their stylish lifestyles on wax, most southern emcees consciously incorporate car culture, fashion trends, nightlife, and unique lingo into the songs.” From this conceptualization, it shows that the music of the Southern Rap is created with significant style, production, and lyrics that give distinct and straightforward essence of
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life that enables the audience to understand the situation of rappers and their society. However, the lyrics of the Southern Rap is not as simple as other songs from other
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Analysis of Hustle and Flow - Analysis of Hustle and Flow...

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