CCO ENGL130 Lesson 1 Leech

CCO ENGL130 Lesson 1 Leech - Student questionnaire A Ryley...

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Student questionnaire A. Ryley Leech, 21, Student B. Napa Valley, CA (11 years) Richmond, Va (8 years) C. Richmond, Va D. I am most interested in story or screenplay writing. I haven’t had any formal experience in writing of this nature E. Writers who I admire are Hunter S. Thompson, Chuck Palahniuk, Tobias Wolff and Pat Conroy. I enjoy their works for different reasons, but collectively authors have a distinct voice that I admire. F. Time, National geographic, Rolling Stone G. Time, National Geographic, Rolling Stone H. I like to think that my strength as a writer is my creativity, which im sure will be tested through this course. My weakness is grammar. I. The most helpful criticism I have received was ‘ don’t bore your audience’. J. I don’t anticipate any problems in completing the course K. No L. I don’t have a ton of experience with short stories, however one of my favorite books in high school was Canterbury Tales. M. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Lone Survivor, Game of Shadows, Generation Kill, Death of a Salesman, Great Gatsby, Scar Tissue, One bullet away, Joker One 2. I like the narrators voice in The Use of Force . I think that the cynical inner interjections throughout the story is the strongest aspect. Through the narrators voice one can see the quick dissipation of patience and understanding with the defiant child. 5. We couldn’t have been more excited. We were on our way to New Orleans for the National Championship. We were staying in one of the nicest hotels in town and held 3 tickets to LSU vs Ohio State, valued at $ 4,000 a piece, and all we paid for is gas. We pass some houses that have been demolished by Katrina, but that’s not
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what were thinking about, were thinking about bars that don’t close, strip clubs and all the fun money can buy. My friend who had left New Orleans they day
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CCO ENGL130 Lesson 1 Leech - Student questionnaire A Ryley...

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