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Comm 142 Field Report - Ryley Leech Field Report I Tunes On...

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Ryley Leech Field Report- ITunes On April 28, 2003 Apple Inc. launched the now revolutionary digital music downloading service called The ITunes Store. Armed with 200,000 songs and deals with most of the major U.S. record companies, Apple opened ITunes in the U.S. and sold 275,000 tracks in the first 18 hours. Since then Apple hasn’t looked back, launching ITunes Stores available to consumers on any continent who posses an Internet connection. Within a year, 70 million songs had been purchased, and as Apple announced on February 24, 2010, the ITunes store has now sold over 10 billion songs. Who says people don’t pay for music anymore? This field report will analyze ITunes’ effect on the music industry, social organization and power. With the fall of Napster and the emergence of more and more p2p file sharing services, the music industry, along with consumers themselves, yearned for a reliable and legal music downloading service. In 2003, it was easier, as it is now, to download a song or a CD from the Internet then it was to drive to a record store, find the CD from a terribly unorganized selection and drive home. I believe what drives the average consumer (or pirate) to
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download illegally is a combination of price and simplicity. Obviously getting
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Comm 142 Field Report - Ryley Leech Field Report I Tunes On...

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