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Comm 142 Paper.2

Comm 142 Paper.2 - The Dangers of Youth Lawrence Grossbergs...

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The Dangers of Youth Lawrence Grossberg’s essay Kids, the Enemy Within and Dick Hebdige’s Hiding in the Light: Youth Surveillance and Display both analyze the contemporary perception of youth in their respective articles. According to the authors, today’s young people are viewed as: problematic, defiant, reckless, disrespectful and dangerous. This sensationalized view of youth can likely be attributed to the overextension of the political correctness movement as well as today’s media. Grossberg attacks the negative societal stereotypes placed on young people through dissecting popular author’s and professional’s works on the subject. Grossberg questions when the view of protection of youth transitioned into protection from youth. Hebdige’s essay takes a similar path, using documentary photography coupled with his writing to convey the world that some young people occupy. This essay will focus on the authors examination of the surveillance, policing and criminalization of youth. Grossberg manages to paint a clear picture of society’s view of youth that is extremely troubling. “Teens are running roughshod over this country- murdering, raping, gambling away the nations future”(Grossberg,18). The essay is littered with outrageous adjectives for young people such as: superpredators, violent sociopaths, aliens, and animals. These stereotypes have been
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