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comm 270 hw 5 - a Claim b Warrant c Backing d Data 3...

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Comm 270 Ryley Leech George Scheer Homework #5 a. TV is a destructive influence for children. b. Children are exposed to hundreds of violent and other antisocial images every year on television. c. When children are exposed to repetitive images, that exposure influences their thinking and behavior. d. Granted, there are cases of children who are exposed even more frequently to violent and antisocial images from other sources, but those cases remain rare. a. Claim b. Data c. Warrant d. Rebuttal 2. a. In the first presidential debate, Barack Obama clearly won. b. The other candidates did not respond effectively to many of his arguments. c. For example, no one else could claim to have opposed the Iraq War, as he could, and so they had to defend their support of it. d. In candidate debates, it is crucial to each candidate to respond to or refute other candidates’ arguments, if s/he hopes to win.
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Unformatted text preview: a. Claim b. Warrant c. Backing d. Data 3. Evaluate the quality of the argument in #2. Would you find it acceptable? Why/why not? n Limit: 300 words (Use word count, and stick to the limit.). I would consider the second argument to be acceptable. It follows the Toulmin model by presenting the argument with a claim, warrant and data. However, it is not as strong as it could be. Without a qualifier and/or a rebuttal in the argument, the argument lacks the substance to win over readers or defeat opposing arguments. With the addition of a qualifier such as “National news polls had Obama ahead of McCain by at least 10%” and the rebuttal “ Some many say that Obama is just an great oratist, however it was his public speaking skills combined with his well formulated argument that won him this debate.” If these sentences were included, the argument would be much more successful....
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