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Ryley Leech 4/12/10 Scheer Homework #8 In my interviews I asked five different people to give me their definition or description of equality and a public issue that corresponds with their answer. The answers I received covered the majority of equality issues that exist today. Equality in gender, race, social class and sexual orientation were discussed in my research. Issues in equality that were important to my interviewees were: Sexual discrimination and harassment, racism and prejudice, inequality in social value based on income (i.e. Healthcare), disability discrimination and equal opportunity. “Ideographs contain within them and communicate synoptically and subliminally a line of argument within political consciousness”(Beasley). Since Ideographs are based
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Unformatted text preview: on national, cultural and social ideals and their relation to the personal experience or interest of a specific person, it makes sense that basically everyone answered the question differently and cited a different example of equality, or inequality in each case. Every person with the exception of one provided an example of a inequality rather than equality, speaking to the nature of the ideograph as it relates to the narrative of today’s world. Works cited: Beasley, V. B. (2001). The rhetoric of ideological consensus in the United States: American principles and American pose in presidential inaugurals. Communication Monographs, 68 , 169-183....
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