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Comm 270 HW1 Leech

Comm 270 HW1 Leech - Agency Ontotheology and the Death of...

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Homework #1 Works Cited Hauser, Gerard A. "Philosophy and Rhetoric: An Abbreviated History of an Evolving Identity." Philosophy and Rhetoric 40.1 (2007): 1-14. Print. Levinson, Sanford. "Twenty-Year Legacy of South Dakota v. Dole: Dole Dialogue." South Dakota Law Review 52.468 (2007). Print. Lundberg Christian, “Dueling Fundamentalisms” in Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, Volume 4, Number 1, March 2007,pp. 106-111 Lundberg, Christian and Joshua Gunn, “Ouija Board, Are There Any Communications?’
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Unformatted text preview: Agency, Ontotheology and the Death of the Humanist Subject, or, Continuing the ARS Conversation,” Rhetoric Society Quarterly, Volume 35, No. 4, Fall 2005, 83-106 Book: White, Stephen K. The ethos of a late modern citizen . Boston: Harvard UP, 2009. Print. Journal: Gellman, Marc. "Civil Rights And The Sacred Truth." Civil Rights Jorunal Fall (1997). Print....
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