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Group Field Projects

Group Field Projects - Collaborative Team Field Research...

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Collaborative Team Field Research Project (50% of course grade) Throughout the course, we will be developing aspects of a four- to five-member team project that will be based on your investigation of the documents and writing practices of a local business organization of your choice (I must approve your proposed choices). In class, we will discuss methods, materials, and presentation of the projects. Chapters 3a and 6 of WOJ will be assigned and adapted. Aspects of the project include a project research proposal , a letter of introduction to the firm, a series of progress memos posted electronically on WebCT, the full report of the research in a formal portfolio , and a 20-minute oral presentation by each group to the class during the final week of the semester. The research portfolio itself will consist of two main parts: (1) a detailed interview (minimum of 5 double-spaced pages) with an employee or employees of the firm knowledgeable about the range and types of writing done by the firm as part of its work,
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