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Online Peer Review - Online Peer Review Online peer reviews...

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Online Peer Review Online peer reviews are both effective and efficient ways to obtain additional feedback on your writing. You should send your draft to at least one peer who has already seen your first draft. If you have specific questions or points you want your peer to review, include these in the e-mail. When you receive a peer’s essay to critique online, you will use two features in Microsoft Word: “Track Changes” (under Tools) and “Comment” (under Insert). Once you click on these tools, two icons will appear on your toolbar: Comment looks like a small manila folder with a star in the upper left corner of the folder. Track Changes looks like a lined piece of notebook paper, showing a star in the upper left corner (a folded down corner) and a pencil across the bottom right corner. Comment allows you to put your curser at a specific point in the draft, then click on the Comment folder, and a bubble will appear in the right hand margin, where you can insert a comment about that part of your peer’s draft.
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