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Peer Critique for White Letter

Peer Critique for White Letter - base or from an expert in...

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English 302B Peer Critique for White Paper Name __________________________ Author __________________________ Audience: To whom is the proposal addressed? ______________________ Format: Does the author follow a precise and recognizable proposal format? Does the author include headings for each category of the proposal? Does the author adequately describe the problem at the business site? How could this section be stronger? Does the author provide a viable recommendation for the problem? Does the recommendation seem logical to you? Does the author provide evidence for the proposed recommendation, either from a data
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Unformatted text preview: base or from an expert in the field? Do you find the evidence credible and substantive? If not, why not? What recommendations can you make concerning the evidence? Does the proposal include some form of the required graphic element? Does the organization of categories seem logical to you? Does the author include a final evaluation of the problem and the recommended solution, emphasizing the benefits for the company if this proposal is implemented? Further comments?...
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