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Sample CLA Diana - 1 Diana XXXXX Professor Scolaro English...

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1 Diana XXXXX Professor Scolaro English 302 – B03 October 19, 2009 Health Care There is much skepticism about President Obama’s Health Care Reform plan. People all over the nation are waiting to read about what will happen next in the newspapers. An article from The Washington Post, written by Brigid Schulte, discusses how families are worried about their health care and insurance. In addition, authors John F. Cougan, R. Glenn Hubbard, and Daniel Kessler construct an article in The Wall Street Journal on why they think Obama’s Health care reform is flawed and how it will affect the economy. Although both of the articles address health care, the two authors use different writing styles, based on their intended audiences. The Washington Post article, titled “On a Street in Gaithersburg, Health-Care Anxiety Abounds,” attracts a general audience. This audience usually consists of readers of all ages, from young teens to adults who are more interested in the story-line of the article rather than the business aspects. The piece is about different families who share their personal stories and fears about health insurance and contains several examples of them expressing their concern about the new reform. This article is targeted towards the general public because the content it is easy for an average reader to understand and to relate to. The purpose of this article is to inform and share with the audience the experiences and worries that many of the nation’s families are currently facing. They are waiting to see some improvement with the health care system. For example, one citizen named Sarah Armstrong “finds herself watching the health-care debate with more intensity, more impatience now that it
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2 hits so close to home. She wants lawmakers to do something, whether or not it helps her family right away” (par. 26). Another citizen named Patti Lemere dislikes the current structure and says, “change, any change, is preferable to the current system” (par. 6). The anxiety is building up and most families are beginning to feel very uneasy. Brigid Schulte, the author of this article, has a simple writing style.
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Sample CLA Diana - 1 Diana XXXXX Professor Scolaro English...

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