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Danailova 1 Galina Danailova Professor Scolaro English 302 – B03 October 19, 2009 An Olympic Size Loss and Win Sports fan or not, there are some sporting events that almost everyone in the world would watch anxiously – such as the Olympic Games. Whether watching for the game itself or cheering for their own country, everybody finds a reason to watch. For months publications from all over the world follow the course of the event, and it all starts with the host city elections. After a ferocious battle, Rio de Janeiro was chosen over Chicago, Tokyo, and Madrid, to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. In the article “Rio de Janeiro Picked to Hold 2016 Olympics,” published on October 2 nd , 2009 in The New York Times , Juliet Macur writes about the disappointment from Chicago’s loss spread over the general population. In another article titled “Rio Wins 2016 Games; Chicago Shocked by Early Exit,” published in SportBusiness Journal , Tripp Mickle sheds light on the financial side of the event. Although these two articles are written on the same topic, they are different depending on the audience they are written for – general and business relationships. In the article published in The New York Times , Juliet Macur emphasizes more on Chicago’s loss than on Rio’s win; thus, she appeals to the general readership, which was shocked by the loss. The New York Times is a general publication addressing people from different ages, gender, education, and occupations. The newspaper has multiple different sections to satisfy its diverse readers’ interests. The authors usually simply inform the readers about an event without mentioning or going into great detail about potential business effects. Therefore, financial
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Danailova 2 information is usually missing, and, if there is any, it is referred to in a very simplified way, assuming that the audience is not familiar with financial data or terms. Often the author grabs the general readers’ attention, as he or she uses the article as a reflector of the readers’ emotions. In this particular article, the author generally talks about why and how Chicago lost, as this perspective of the event is more appealing to the general American public than a detailed financial information would be. In comparison, the article published in SportsBusiness Journal
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Sample CLA Galina - Danailova1 Galina Danailova Professor...

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