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Sample CLA Hurricane Ivan - XXXXXX XXXXX Professor Scolaro...

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XXXXXX XXXXX Professor Scolaro English 302-B21 19 October 2004 Hurricane Ivan: Generally Speaking, He Was All Business! In September, 2004, Hurricane Ivan wrought devastation and hardship for the storm- weary residents of the southeastern United States. For Floridians, Ivan was the third hurricane to pummel their state in a month. Newspapers and journals across the nation and around the world chronicled the effects of Hurricane Ivan, reportedly the second costliest hurricane in U.S. history. A comparative analysis of two specific articles reporting the effects of Hurricane Ivan reveals interesting contrasts. In an article written on September 17 th for The Wall Street Journal , Nichole Harris informs the business community of the storm’s impact on financial sectors. In an article published the next day in The New York Times , Thomas Crampton writes from a human interest perspective geared to a more general readership. A comparison of each of these article’s audience, purpose, style, and tone clearly demonstrates the differences between writing typical of a business journal and that which is found in a general publication. It is apparent that both authors take into consideration their intended audience and the publication’s purpose. The Wall Street Journal is a business publication written for those interested in finance. Hurricane Ivan exacted huge financial losses which makes it a relevant story for a business journal. The purpose of this article is to inform the financial world of their consequences as a result of Ivan. The content of Harris’ article reflects the interests of her business-minded readers. Since the business world encompasses a wide variety of commercial interests, Harris’ article is a comprehensive examination of the financial sectors affected by the
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Glier 2 storm. It reports actual and potential losses and gains experienced by insurance carriers, utilities, oil and gas suppliers, citrus and cotton farmers, hospitals, and health management corporations. The article in The New York Times does not include a financial perspective at all. Thomas Crampton writes for a general audience drawn to the human interest stories generated by the storm. His article is a news story that provides an overview of Ivan’s devastating effects. It cites the number of deaths and amount of people in emergency shelters, highlights people’s experiences during the storm, and describes the destruction left behind in Ivan’s wake. Business issues are not considered in this article. Even when he mentions a spa salesman who claimed to
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Sample CLA Hurricane Ivan - XXXXXX XXXXX Professor Scolaro...

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