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Sample CLA Jenifer - Jennifer Williams Professor Scolaro...

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Jennifer Williams Professor Scolaro English 302-B25 October 21, 2009 @everyone: tweeting w. the stars! twitter conference! #140tc How much can be said in 140 characters or less? Twitter, the free social networking and micro-blogging site that was founded in 2006, functions on just that question. Although many were initial skeptics of its usefulness, Twitter has grabbed the attention of socialites, celebrities, and even giant corporations and political figures. The website’s popularity as a social networking and public relations tool has grown so much that hundreds of “Twitterati” gathered for a two-day Twitter Conference held in Los Angeles’s Skirball Cultural Center on September 22-23. This conference drew the attention of Twitter users who used the trending topic “#140tc” to discuss it; the story was picked up by many news sources as well. An article entitled “Actual People Physically Gathered to Talk Twitter” by Sandy Cohen appeared in The Washington Post the day of the event. The conference was even covered in BusinessWeek ’s issue that week in an article called “A Face-to-Face Meet for Twitterers”, written by Christopher Palmeri. Although both articles covered the same conference, they are written completely differently according to their intended audience. Excellent introduction and strong thesis.
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The Washington Post is a leading daily American newspaper; additionally, the Washington Post article originated from the Associated Press, which is the only US- based national news service. Thus, the article “Actual People…” is intended for a general audience who wants to stay up-to-date on current news but may not have the desire to learn every miniscule detail about current events. Because Cohen’s article is targeted to such a broad, general audience, its purpose is to briefly inform readers about the Twitter Conference without going into too much detail. For this reason, she mentions in passing the main details of the event (“two-day conference dedicated to [Twitter]”), celebrity support for the networking tool (“[Tony Hawk] said he has ‘fully embraced’ the site”), and the overall value of Twitter (brand building and “to improve the governance of our city” according to San Francisco mayor
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Sample CLA Jenifer - Jennifer Williams Professor Scolaro...

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