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Sample Interview Report team Fitness

Sample Interview Report team Fitness - Interview Report On...

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Interview Report On March 19 th , 2010, Team Fitness met with Connie Grunstad, general manager of the Aquatic and Fitness Center. In this meeting, the group covered a range of questions that inquired about the facility and how it is operated and managed. The interview was conducted on the premises of the Aquatic and Fitness Center and took about 42 minutes. Q: As a general manager, what are your main responsibilities on the job? What are your main priorities and concerns for running the business? A: My responsibilities are to oversee this entire building, to make sure it stays up and running. I obviously don’t have the skills to manually go and work on some of the aspects of the building, but I have people that are in the building or I have people I can call to make sure that they come and fix the building. I oversee the full-time staff; I oversee certain areas within the building, but my job is to make sure it all keeps going. Q: Please explain the ownership structure. Is the business completely owned by GMU? If not what portion of it is owned by private investors? How many investors are there? Is the company funded by GMU strictly or are there other contributors? A: It is an auxiliary unit of the university. That means we have to earn money to survive. We get money from student tuition, and a part-time student doesn’t pay as much as a full-time student. That is why our facility charges an additional fee for a part-time student, to sort of help compensate that. We are paying a debt every year to pay off the loan that we took out to build this building. It is not paid for by tax dollars, so everybody that lives in Fairfax does not own a piece of it. So when they say, “I paid for this,” they did not pay for this, students paid for this. Your tuition money is what is keeping this building going and everything else that we bring in here to make money to keep it going. Q: How many unique individuals use your services on an average day? What is the makeup of your membership base? A: We just recently raised those memberships as of last October and they had not been raised since the building opened back in 1998. We are living with really cheap prices. We did do a
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comparison to see what every other gym in the area, and I say Fairfax county area is charging. But you also have to understand that with this membership, you have access to the other two buildings on campus, that also means you get more of a variety than at Gold’s Gym or Bally’s or whoever else, I don’t know all the local places. The one thing that we do have to combat is the parking issue, but for most of the students, that’s not an issue. In a membership that’s not a student related person, the parking pass is included in the membership. As a student if you have a spouse, they would get a parking pass with their membership, which is somewhat of a bonus to a lot of people. To say how we set it, we did a comparison, then we looked at what the students pay, then we went and decided okay this is
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Sample Interview Report team Fitness - Interview Report On...

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