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Sample Interview Reports DWTS - Interview Report The...

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Interview Report The Driving With The Stars Team met at the Rosenthal Jaguar of Tysons Corner on Wednesday, March 10, at 7:15 PM to interview Mr. Andy Moshrefi, Rosenthal Jaguar of Tysons Corner’s top salesman, and Kamran’s uncle. Our interview was slightly delayed as Mr.Moshrefi was working with a customer when we arrived. This gave us some time to walk around the dealership and take some photographs. Around 7:30 we sat down to talk to Mr. Moshrefi, and except for a few minutes for several phone calls, we talked about the business of customer service and selling cars for the next hour and a half. Q: What is your mission statement? Do you think it communicates the goals of the company? How were these communicated to the employees? Are these ever discussed at group meetings? A: There is not an established mission statement. The unwritten statement is to provide good service to customers interested in buying vehicles, to provide a comfortable and enjoyable shopping experience, and to give the customer his or her ideal automobile. We want to create a loyal customer base by providing excellent products and excellent service to all customers. My personal motto is to sell cars, make money, and provide good customer service. We all [the sales staff] want to work the business from every possible angle, so that we sell one of our cars. We are all like family here and very low pressure. We have a lot of repeat customers because of our excellent customer service. Rosenthal has been in business for over 30 years because we provide customer service that is beyond what everyone else does. The mission statement is communicated to the staff at periodic meetings with the managers. Q: What can you tell us about the quote from Sir William Lyon that is on the wall? A: That is talking about the automobile being something that man created that is exciting and desirable. It is the closest thing to something that is alive. I think this is a vision or perspective Sir Lyon wanted people to understand and see. If you treat a car as something alive, then you feel more attached to it. This might translate to customers feeling a greater attachment to their cars as well. Q: Is your business part of any organization? What is the name of the organization? A: The dealership is part of the Rosenthal family of dealerships. There are two Jaguar locations, Vienna, which is the original dealership and Chantilly that just opened. Plus Rosenthal has additional dealerships of other makes of cars. I think there are nineteen dealerships in all. Rosenthal is the broad name of the corporation. This company is also part of the Geneva Enterprise financial organization that supports the dealerships financing. Q: Who is your target market? Why?
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Sample Interview Reports DWTS - Interview Report The...

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