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Sample Letter of Corporate Donations

Sample Letter of Corporate Donations - To Re Deborah...

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To: Deborah Bagocius, Associate Director of Communications From:Kim Boak, George Mason University Student Re: Acceptance of Corporate Donations Date: April 3, 2006 Summary In order for the organization to continue growing,I am suggesting that Defenders of Wildlife consider pursuing and accepting corporate donations. Tapping into Corporate America could produce staggering results. The potential for positive impact on Mother Nature is unlimited. I know that Defenders of Wildlife is widely supported on a national level, accepting funding from private foundations, non-profit organizations, individuals,philanthropists, and celebrities. Currently, however, the organization is not accepting funding fromcorporations. I believe that the work you do canbe positively impacted by support from the business community. Problem Defenders of Wildlife is not taking advantage of the opportunityfor substantialfundraising available fromthe corporate community. Understandably, for-profit entities such as tuna fishermen, oil companies, power companies, and the timber industry will not likely support environmentally friendly organizations; however, there are many corporations that want to support their communities. It is up to each individual organization to “sell” themselves to a particular sector of potential funding sources. The best way to do this is to embrace the idealsof the people in the community. Defenders of Wildlife has a very good reputation and will be ableto easily provide proof of public support. Millions of dollarsare bypassed each year by neglecting the corporate community and its ability to support your cause. Evidence
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My research has identified corporations and non-profit agencies that have directly benefited from forming a business partnership. Some of the non-profit agencies and corporations that have formed successful partnerships are: The Rain Forest Alliance and Kraft Foods, Lincoln Park Zoo and Pfizer, Inc., The Wildlife Way Station and
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Sample Letter of Corporate Donations - To Re Deborah...

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