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Sample White Letter - TO Mary Fleming Dean Arts and...

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TO: Mary Fleming, Dean, Arts and Sciences FROM: Richard Smith, Chair, Department of History SUBJECT: Recommendations for Ensuring Quality and Consistency of Department Websites DATE: March 4, 2003 Summary After a study of options, the committee on website quality recommends that each department appoint a faculty member to be directly responsible for website design and maintenance. These faculty should receive training through the Instructional Resource Center (IRC) on a set of College-approved design principles and practices, and they should be appropriately rewarded through stipends and perhaps release time. A steering committee of five of these faculty should be elected to approve all website designs and oversee future changes in design principles. Problem and Background Associate Dean Herrera formed the website quality committee after his study of department websites revealed wide variations in quality of design, completeness, accuracy, ease of use, and design style. The dean charged the committee to develop “(1) policies on consistency and quality, (2) recommendations as to who should be responsible for web design and maintenance in each department, (3) training of departmental web designers, and (4) appropriate compensation.” The committee (Professors Smith, Rashid, Van Pelz, McKinney, and Schwartz) conducted its own study of websites and of department practices in hiring, supervising, and training website designers/managers. This study revealed no consistency in use of design programs, in design principles and features, in contents, in quality of prose, and in quality of maintenance two favored methods for managing the websites: either hiring of graduate
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Sample White Letter - TO Mary Fleming Dean Arts and...

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