Sample White Paper for a Walk-a-thon

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TO: Deborah Bagocius FROM: Wendi Copello SUBJECT: More than Just a Stroll DATE: April 5, 2006 Summary Since 1947, Defenders of Wildlife (then Defenders of Fur Bearers) have advocated the preservation and protection of endangered species and their habitats (Defenders, 2). Effort is made to continuously create safe and natural conservation areas for animals bordering on extinction. Constant monitoring of legislation and political agendas is necessary to ensure the safeguarding of these animals and the laws that guarantee the well being of these species. In order to deter opposing legislation and maintain current support, it is necessary to take a unique step toward public awareness for this organization. Boldly engaging in outreach will raise awareness for Defenders’ purpose. Defenders’ mission to protect endangered animals combined with a goal to raise public awareness by hosting “More than Just a Stroll” at the National Zoo will prove invaluable. Problem and Background Current legislation threatens to raze the Endangered Species Act (Defenders, 4). Now more than ever it is important to put Congress on notice that constituents want protection of natural habitats and the animals that dwell within those environments. Failing to aggressively raise public awareness on this issue will prove detrimental to Defenders’ purpose. Since legislation is passed in D.C., the most influence can be made by holding a fundraiser and educational function in this area. Organizations that focus fundraising efforts solely on membership limit outreach potential and growth. Simply asking members to make donations is convenient, however, limits the request to that specific audience. Defenders of Wildlife focuses on many issues from scientific research to legal action when asking support of its members. However, with respect to seeking public support, failing to immediately act speaks louder than words. Now is the time to become more aggressive in seeking public support for the greater good of these endangered animals. By holding a fundraiser at the National Zoo, the public will gain greater exposure to and understanding of Defenders’ mission while raising financial and legislative support. Approximately 480,000 supporters contribute to Defenders (Defenders, 2). This fundraiser could include an emphasis on a goal to expand to over 500,000 members. This number would have an astounding affect on Capital Hill, and force Congress to take seriously any legislation in opposition to such a large constituency.
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Recommendations In keeping with the mission of Defenders, dedicating a fundraiser at the National Zoo
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Sample White Paper for a Walk-a-thon - TO: FROM: SUBJECT:...

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