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Sample White Paper on Advertising

Sample White Paper on Advertising - TO Ms Deborah Bagocius...

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TO: Ms. Deborah Bagocius, Defenders of Wildlife FROM: Ashley Djordjevic, GMU Student DATE: March 25, 2006 SUBJECT: New Strategy for Advertising Summary Defenders of Wildlife is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting endangered species of animals and plants along with preserving their habitats. The programs are based on the opinions of qualified scientists on two serious environmental threats. The first is how the extinction rate of species is increasing year after year and decreasing biological diversity. The second threat is how certain species habitats are changing and being destroyed. Different approaches to wildlife conservation are being brought into effect and developed to keep species from becoming endangered. Defenders of Wildlife protect species, habitats, and even certain predators that are needed to maintain an ecosystem’s health. There is a definite lack of advertising relating to Defenders of Wildlife. Mailings are sent out to members, a website is maintained, and a small amount of television ads. I recommend advertising with National Geographic to help widen their subscriptions, donations, and knowledge of what exactly Defenders of Wildlife do. National Geographic has a similar goal to Defenders of Wildlife but are more widely acknowledged and want to broaden their influence over the world. For example, National Geographic magazine is seen on bookstores’ shelves across the United States while the Defender’s magazine is not.
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