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Sample White Paper on Catering Relocation

Sample White Paper on Catering Relocation - TO Chef Paul...

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TO: Chef Paul Ingenito, Founder and Executive Owner, Flavors Catering FROM: Whitney Fetzer DATE: 4 April 2006 RE: PROPOSAL FOR NEW LOCATION AND LARGER SPACE FOR OPERATIONS OVERVIEW Flavors Catering was entrepreneurially established four years ago and has flourished ever since, preparing meals for parties of four to four thousand. With such a fast-paced growth rate comes more money, clientele, and business. Most importantly is the need for more office and kitchen space. Following up on the March 1 interview, I propose that Flavors Catering relocate to a larger place for operations. Time: Variable, dependent on preferences. Cost: ranges from $158.54 - $500 per square foot or $250,000 - $9 million total. PROBLEM Location, location, location. In the business world, where a company is located can make or break it. It may be cheaper and more convenient in a nominal sense to work within the walls of the home, but in the long run it will give rise to unnecessary stress and clutter. By maintaining Flavors Catering at the owner’s home address, family members and pets may become nuisances. The growth of the business is outpacing the space needed to deliver services. For example, The New York Times described preparations for the 1989, $1,500 per plate Inaugural Ball for former president George Bush as including an exorbitant amount of food and supplies. Here are just a few of that evening's vital catering statistics: “14,400 pieces of china; 26,600 pieces of silverware; 15,800 glasses and pieces of stemware; 300 pounds of crab meat and 360 pounds of flounder; 840 pounds of saddle of veal; 120 quarts of sauce for the veal; 2,400 bundles of asparagus tied with 2,400 carrot curls; 172 loaves of Sally Lunn bread; 2,400 Granny Smith apples, 460 cups of cranberries, 240 cups of raisins and 480 cups of sugar” (Burros C:1). Although those numbers are unusual in size, something of that nature has entirely too many supplies to keep on hand in the mere parameter of a household kitchen and garage. It is imperative that Flavors Catering move to a more convenient and larger warehouse/office space. Since the birth of the company, Chef Ingenito has done business out of his home. This has resulted in hectic times. He needs more space to do his culinary work as well as the financial business behind the company. The company would benefit from a warehouse with a larger kitchen area and increased space for the "behind-the- scenes" work. It would also be beneficial to have a receptionist desk where a secretary could answer phones, take down invoices, type and mail out letters, set up appointments for clientele to speak with a representative, and other various administrative office duties. It will illustrate to the customer a more professional atmosphere which in turn will subconsciously make the services to be rendered of higher caliber and elegance. In addition, moving to a warehouse/office would decrease the expenditures on gas and
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vehicle maintenance. It would also allow management to keep a constant inventory of
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