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Scolaro Syllabus Fall 2010

Scolaro Syllabus Fall 2010 - English 302B 24 25 Hybrid...

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Advanced Composition for Business Fall 2010 M 12:00 - 1:15 Innovation Hall 320 W 12:00 - 1:15 Innovation Hall 320 Instructor: Peggy Scolaro Office: Robinson A413* Office Telephone: (703) 993-1198 E-mail: [email protected] (*Office hours often held in Innovation 3 rd floor computer lab) _______________________________________________________________________ Texts and Materials: Hacker, Diana. A Pocket Style Manual . 5th ed. (Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2009) Additional readings and materials posted on Blackboard Microsoft Word: All documents must be submitted in MS Word (pre-2007 version) _____________________________________________________________________ Hybrid Course: This section of English 302B has been designated as a hybrid course. The primary difference between this class and any other class will be our meeting formats. One day our class will be a regular “face-to-face” (“f2f”) class, while our second weekly class will be a “virtual” class; your work will be done individually and collaboratively online. This means that you will not come to the physical classroom on those virtual days, and will have the option of completing the online assignment either in a computer lab or on your own computer sometime that day. The physical classroom will not be available to you on virtual days. We will be discussing the hybrid concept in class throughout the semester. Online assignments will be posted on the Blackboard discussion board throughout the semester. English 302B Course Objectives: 1. To prepare students for the diverse demands of writing in upper-level major coursework and in the workplace 2. To introduce students to ways of thinking, organizational techniques, and formats typical in business courses or a related discipline 3. To help students identify and use research resources (both print and electronic) and documentation styles preferred in business courses or a related discipline 4. To ensure students make reasoned, well-organized arguments with introductions, thesis statements, supporting evidence, and conclusions appropriate to the major, employing rhetorical strategies suited to the purpose(s) and audience(s) for the writing, to include appropriate vocabulary, voice, tone, and level of formality 5. To guide students to produce writing that demonstrates proficiency in standard edited American English, including correct grammar/syntax, sentence structure, word choice, and punctuation 6. To teach students to compose and present some workplace-related documents 7. To guide students to appropriate support services: Writing Center, IRC, Library, Career Services, and the GMU Counseling Center
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Course Policies: 1. Class etiquette: Please turn off all cell phones, pagers, and any other electronic devices once class begins. No food, drinks, or sleeping in the classroom. 2.
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Scolaro Syllabus Fall 2010 - English 302B 24 25 Hybrid...

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