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Wrinting Assign CLA

Wrinting Assign CLA - Comparative Literary Analysis 20 of...

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Comparative Literary Analysis 20% of final grade Your first graded assignment will be a comparative analysis of two articles on the same issue or event (a topic that interests you) currently in the news. The aim of this assignment is to increase your attentiveness to both the blatant and the subtle differences between accounts of the “same” event by different publications. Developing your awareness of these differences will help you acquire your own informed perspectives on the issues. Practice in this sort of analysis will strengthen your ability to argue persuasively when writing “white papers” (position statements or formal recommendations) on any issue. You will also use similar techniques from this assignment when analyzing the workplace document for your Group Field Project’s final portfolio. One of your articles must come from a national general interest news source such as The Washington Post, New York Times , or Los Angeles Times ; only one of these articles
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