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English 302B Assignment Sheet: Document Analysis Each student will select a different document to analyze from the documents provided by the business site for your group project. This paper is like a hybrid of your previous two papers: You will use the skills and some of the categories from your Comparative Literary Analysis (CLA), along with the format of your White Paper to analyze your document. The document analysis will be written in memo format, addressed to your instructor, with subheading categories shown in bold. The first two categories, the same two terms we have emphasized from the first day of the course, must be “ Audience ” and Purpose .” Additional categories are “ Content ,” “ Appearance ,” and “ Distribution .” The final categories must be “ Evaluation ” and, if applicable, “ Recommendations .” Below is a list of these categories and the questions your analysis should answer: Required Categories: Audience : To whom is this document addressed? Who reads it?
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Unformatted text preview: • Purpose : What is the specific purpose of the document: What is the document meant to achieve? • Conten t: What specific information is conveyed in the document? (Summarize) • Appearance : Is the document merely text? Does it include pictures? Graphs? Is the appearance professional or amateurish? How important is the appearance? • Distribution: How is the document distributed to the intended audience? Online? Download? Hard copy? In person? By mail? By e-mal? Inter-office mail? • Evaluation : Is this an effective business document? Why or why not? Be specific; use examples. • Recommendation ? What changes can you recommend to make the document more effective? The document analysis should be one- to two-pages in length, single spaced, category headings in bold, with spaces between categories . The final paper is turned in as part of the final portfolio for the Group Field Project, due on the day of your oral presentation to the class....
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