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Writing Assign White Paper

Writing Assign White Paper - White Paper Based on Team...

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“White Paper” Based on Team Field Research The white paper is an important form of business report that is used in both university courses and the workplace. In the course of your team field research of a business organization, each team member will identify some type of problem or issue at the company/agency/business that will form the basis for a “white paper” (i.e., a position statement or formal recommendation). In this paper, you will recommend a specific step to the company that should improve their business operations in some way. Each member of the team will write a separate white paper on a separate issue. I must approve your topics. Your white paper should be addressed to a relevant manager with the firm (although you do not have to actually deliver it), rather than to me as your instructor. To earn a passing grade, your white paper must include several specific steps: (1) succinctly describe the issue or problem, including any relevant background the reader needs; (2) state your position on the issue and/or make recommendations toward solving the
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