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EVPP 111 Lecture Learning & Study Guide #20 Spring 2010 Water Use and Management Why is water important to life on earth? Because water is an extraordinarily versatile molecule - it's the perfect liquid medium in which to dissolve nutrients for ingestion or wastes for excretion, to transport important chemicals or even be used as one. What are some of the physical properties of water? It remains liquid over an extremely broad range of temperatures it decreases in density when converted to solid phase (frozen) What percentage of the earth's surface is covered with water? 71.11 What percentage of the water on earth is fresh? 3% What percentage of the freshwater on earth is accessible for human use? 30% What is the primary factor that affects variations in global water supply? Distribution What are the main aspects of the hydrologic cycle? Condensation of Clouds Precipitation Evaporation What are the two main types of water associated with land? Surface Water Ground Water What are the various types of surface water? Drainage Basin Watershed How is surface water replenished? When it: Rains Snows Is surface water considered a renewable resource? 1
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EVPP 111 Lecture Learning & Study Guide #20 Spring 2010 It is when used in moderation and controlled What is a drainage basin? A
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