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EVPP 111 Lecture Learning & Study Guide #17 Spring 2010 Air Quality Issues – Acid Deposition What is acid deposition? accumulation of potential acid-forming particles on a surface. Results from human activities and natural causes. What are some natural events that contribute to acid deposition? Natural causes include volcano emissions, lightning, and microbial processes. Respiration of plants (releasing CO2) What are some human activities that contribute to acid deposition? industrial emissions and other man-made polluters like burning fossil fuels by cars. When nitric and sulfuric acids are released into the atmosphere by smokestacks , fuel combustion, or natural causes, they mix with water vapor at unusual proportions to cause acid deposition. How are acid forming reactions classified? Wet(precipitation): reaction occurs in atmosphere and acid comes to earth in precipitation. Dry(deposition): particles related to acid settles onto a surface, reactions occur when
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Unformatted text preview: these materials mix with water. • What is acid rain? collective term used to refer to all acid forming processes • What is the pH of "normal" rain? between 5.6 and 5.7 • Why is “normal” rain naturally slightly acidic? formation of carbonic acid when carbon dioxide reacts with atmospheric moisture • What is the scope of the acid rain problem? Global, mostly in Canada, England, Germany, France, Scandinavia, US What kind of damage does acid rain cause to man-made materials? erosion of buildings and monuments made of limestone and corrosion of metal surfaces • What kind of damage does acid rain cause to ecosystems? In terresitrial: link between tree decline and acid rain, cause soil become acidic and aluminum interferes with ability of plant roots to absorb nutrients In aquatic: healthy lakes have pH ~6.0. increase in acidity leads to progressive loss of many kinds of organisms 1...
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