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Concepts_Final Chapter 11 Monopoly and conditions of having monopolistic power. Conditions of profit maximization Average revenue and marginal revenue IEPR Comparative statistics Welfare economics of monopoly Monopsony market and its condition of profit maximization Chapter 12 Price discrimination – first degree, second degree and third degree ---- definition, problem solving, welfare economics and conditions of practicing price discrimination
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 13 Oligopoly market Cournot model, Stackelberg model, Dominant firm model and Bertrand Model( for both homogenous and differentiated goods) What are duopoly market, residual demand curve, best response, reaction function, Cournot equilibrium, Stackelberg equilibrium, Bertrand equilibrium dominant firm model equilibrium Chapter 14 Game theory, strategy, Nash equilibrium, dominant strategy, dominated strategy...
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