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SEBS Name ___________________________________ Hourly Exam II Blueberry Example General Directions: Read each question carefully, choosing the answer which best applies. Mark Scantron answer sheet, using No. 2 pencil. Make no marks on the test paper other than your name. Write your name, the word indicated above “Cook College” above, and our RU ID number on the Scantron. Good luck. 1. The grain which is believed to contain functional food properties due to its containing beta glucan is a. Wheat d. Rice b. Corn e. Rye c. Oats 2. What is the predominant pigment found in spinach? a. Chlorophyll d. Anthoxanthin b. Carotinoid e. Betalain c. Flavonoid 3. Which of the following functional foods contain live bacteria, which improve the balance of “good” bacteria in the intestine? a. Broccoli d. Soy b. Yogurt e. Onion and garlic c. Flax seed 4. What is the effect of time on pectin in fruits and vegetables? a. Protopectin pectin pectic acid b. Pectic substances are very hard in immature fruits/vegetables, they soften over time and are loosely associated in overripe fruits/vegetables c. Digestibility of pectic substances increases with time d. As fruits/vegetables mature, increases occur in functional food properties e. A and b are correct 5. The function of liquid used in preparation of a flour mixture is a. To serve in the development of gluten b. Gelatinize starch during the heating process c. Provide steam for additional leavening d. If milk is the liquid used, nutritional value increases e. All of the above 6. Microwaving foods employs which method of heating food? a. Broiling d. Induction b. Roasting e. Grilling c. Steaming
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Match the following: (answers used more than once) a. Wheat b. Corn c. Rice d. Oats 7. Preparation technique is to bring 2 cups of water to a boil, reduce heat, add 1 cup of this cereal and heat until all water is absorbed. C 8. Cereal available only in a whole grain form, since milling is inefficient to remove husk and hull D 9. Couscous and bulgur are made from this A 10. Major source of domestically produced sweetener in the U.S. B 11. Only cereal which has sufficient gluten potential to make breads and rolls A 12. Cereal from which pasta is made A 13. In order to develop gluten, what 2 factors are necessary? You will need to mark 2 spaces on the Scantron for this question. a.
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201_2nd_example - SEBS 11:709:201 Intro Foods & Nutrition...

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