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Study Guide -Final Exam, May 11, 2010, 8:00am to 10-:00am Introduction to HR Management Professor Frank Paparella The final examination will consist of 50 multiple-choice questions plus 3 multiple choice bonus questions. The test will cover chapters 10,11,12,14 and each question is worth two points. The equivalent letter grade will be calculated as described in the syllabus. You will have the entire period to complete the examination. There are a number of “key terms” at the end of each chapter that are worth knowing. Understand both the definition as well as its application/usage. Chapter 10 Compensating Employees - You should know/understand the following concepts and their application: Total rewards and how it differs based of type and level of job Methods of job evaluation job classification/the means by which duties and responsibilities are grouped Relationship between various business strategies and compensation plans Compensation mix COLA – cost of living adjustments
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Intro+HR+5112010+Study+Guide+10,11,12,14 - Study Guide...

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