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Shashank Gupta Extra Credit – Overhaul will lower the costs of being a woman This article in the New York Times talks about how insurance companies cannot discriminate against women in their insurance plans anymore. This change has been brought about by the new health care reform. Until now, it has been perfectly legal for health care companies to engage in gender ratings, that is, charging women more than men for the same coverage, even for policies that do not include maternity care. Some companies charged women who did not smoke more than men who did, even though smokers have more risks. The
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Unformatted text preview: differences in premiums ranged anywhere from 4 percent to 48 percent. Insurance companies tried to do the same thing with group coverage, but sex discrimination laws have prevented companies from passing on this excess charge to its female employees. This relates to our class because we have discussed the Civil Rights Act and Title IX and these changes have been made through amendments in these legislations. The only downfall to this is that most of these changes don’t go into effect until 2014....
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