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EC women - sung at almost every major event The Council...

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Shashank Gupta Extra Credit: Alma Mater needs Modern Revision This article was written on behalf of the Douglass Governing Council and talks about how the Council wants a revision in the Alma Mater to include women in it. They argue that 53% of the university students are women and 22.8 percent of all students under 21 are cared for primarily by single mothers, so women have earned a right to be a part of the Alma Mater. They further go on and mention the fact that Rutgers prides itself as one of the more diverse universities in the nations and that this diversity is not shown in its most important song which is
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Unformatted text preview: sung at almost every major event. The Council feels that women have an equal right in being part of every major event at Rutgers. Also, this is not the first time that this topic is being brought up for discussion. Earlier, the 1989 referendum had created a gender equal Alma Mater. So there is no reason why this change cannot go through. This article relates to Frye’s bird cage argument of oppression. In the grand scheme of events the Alma Mater is very insignificant but when you take an eagle’s eye view at the topic it is just one more strand in the bird cage....
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