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Exam 1 Notes - (Contemporary Third Wave(1990s dealt with...

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(Contemporary) Third Wave : (1990s) dealt with consumerism, middle class worked harder; -feminism is not homogenous - there are different kinds -Goals of feminism: hard to pinpoint -equality for women in every class, race etc -a society that doesn’t discriminate against any one whether is it woman, man, black or white -marked by sexual harrassments, multiracial feminism Bell Hooks - definition of women was undecided; lack of cohesive argument - solidarity was impossible because of disinterest in radical political movement - women want to be equal to men, but which men? - since man had classes too - feminist limitations gave white upper class woman the most - equality they fought for was unequal in its own way - reforms that would cause an actual change, met with resistance - feminist: term was sneered at - reluctant to advocate feminism because of not knowing of the term - thought to be synonymous with lesbianism, radicalism - feminism as a term had a negative connotation, so people didn’t want to sup- port it - “Anything goes approach” rendered feminism meaningless. Types of Feminism - Bourgois Feminism: reference to marxism; associated with upper class women, upper class white females - wanted to gain freedom without defining the term itself - ruling class and only group of people that published writings - CON: about status quo, which makes successful women more successful - Liberal Feminism: support general ideas of political structures; however looked for im- provement - notion that there is a great political system with kinks that need to be worked out - make sure that powerful women don’t behave like men - wanted to be directly involved in making policies - Radical Feminism: no way to sustain equal amount of power - wanted to end all supremacy (all power structures) for change - wanted to have everyone as equal - oppression will continue if even one kind of supremacy exists - Personal is Political : means of encouraging women to voice personal experi- ences - social status is affected by their political status, making it essential for them to be involved in politics. - each life is connected to a bigger power structure and we affect these power structures
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- personal lives should be examined in a political form; bigger picture can be seen by sharing views with everyone - CON: doesn’t have any specific plans on ending oppression - PRO: looks at intricacies of problems - Anything Goes Feminism: any one woman can have a certain view of feminism lead- ing to many different definitions - this prevents a common structure and this hinders fighting oppression - PRO: no one is offended - CON: lacks a movement - “Hyper-individualism” - Lifestyle Feminism: no political content; its a way of being and about personal identity - not about political structures - women’s only spaces : neglects real issues to deal with - Hook’s Definition of Feminism: dissolve all different definitions of feminism; all types of sexist oppression should be ended
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Exam 1 Notes - (Contemporary Third Wave(1990s dealt with...

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