Exam 2 Notes

Exam 2 Notes - 15/04/2010 00:24:00 Maid to Order Can be...

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Unformatted text preview: 15/04/2010 00:24:00 Maid to Order Can be linked to gender essentialism, which is then turned into cultural essentialism when rich women stigmatize women doing their house work by saying we are not good at it so its better if you do it. All women= workers unpaid, home=workplace -Marxist feminists 1972 home is an economically productive workplace, an extension of an actual factory. -Housework served to reproduce the labor power -radical new idea= housework not only a relationship between woman and dust bunny but also defines relationship between husband & wife -housework essentially means power - reproduce male dominance because females pick up after males -more maid demands in our society, house becomes a true workplace -servant economy- teaches kids they are comfy in space and they do chores to participate in the home rather than be the product of work. Housework wasnt degrading it created power structures. Ex. you had to pick up after your man Vulnerability By Marriage exit voice and loyalty can be related to factory workers, in some sense private lives, big trouble definitely a problem how they wouldnt let the fat chicks go on a diet/ could also tie to ways of seeing because women have 2 keep the house clean from their standards and keep it clean cuz of others standards Power: 2 people will never be equal one always dependent on other. o Example: dependent on spouse economically so will not exit If you cant leave, but you have motivation to speak up, the threat of already received benefits does not allow them to speak. There can be different types of vulnerability and dependency. Just because there is a asymmetrical power dist., it doesnt necessarily mean there is oppression. Oppression means that you have options, but they are all bad options Double bind NOT having viable choice. Exit Voice and Loyalty: in both cases the woman does not end up speaking up o Loyalty you are able to articulate but you do not because you are dependent. o Exit Voice: you just straight up bounce. Marriage: you enter relationship as equal and then gender starts taking roles. Women are made vulnerable by marriage through guilt trips o Women with careers feel bad for not being the ideal stay at home wife o They are not being compensated for their labor housework Married women dont need to get good job because they are not primary caretakers. Everything they make is just bonus. Gendered assumptions place people o Assumed men arent responsible for this work, womens chores are more repetitive and on daily base....
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Exam 2 Notes - 15/04/2010 00:24:00 Maid to Order Can be...

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